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Cave Fantini - The Story

  il primo cavatore di Tufo - Costantino Fantini   Tufo Cave Fantini - La storia - Cavatori  

The Fantini quarries have their roots within the tradition itself of processing Italian tuff stone.

In 1949, the founder Costantino Fantini was the first quarryman in the area of Riano to extract roman tuff for the production of building stone walls. At the time, the blocks of tuff were excavated by using explosives, hand-picked and then finished by skillfull stonemasons.

In 1956, the introduction of sawing machines marked the change in processing tuff by making the production of the first small size blocks possible.

In 1964, the company Fantini Gualtiero was founded.

In 1985, the company took its current name, Cave Fantini srl, which continues today, thanks to its multigenerational experience, to be a leading company in the field, always attentive to technological innovation and to market trends.

Cave Fantini srl via pian dell'olmo - 00060 Riano (RM)
info@tufocavefantini.com - P.I. 01696521002
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